Speaking of Anxiety

Here is a fun list of things I've worried about in the last twenty-four hours that are ridiculous:

1.  I spent a good five minutes worrying about my belly button popping out on this pregnancy.

2.  I spent much more time worrying that I might one day be in a bank while it was being robbed with my two children and the robbers would try to attack one of them because I couldn't keep them quiet.

3.  I worried that my spinal during my next c-section would go terribly wrong and I'd end up paralyzed for life.

4.  I sobbed over how I'd get a blood clot right after my c-section and die leaving my husband to raise our two children alone and that he'd find a wife who would be mean to our children.

5.  I briefly wondered if my son would grow up to be an unreliable young adult who never calls or emails because I didn't spend enough quality time with him during this pregnancy.

6.  I worried that I might leave the bottle warmer on and that it would burn down our house and my son would be too young to realize what to do and we'd also lose our cats.

7.  I became afraid that our washer would spin out of control and smush our son as he was walking past.

8.  I was mildly concerned that I'd slip on the bathroom floor while it was wet and lose our baby.

9.  I wondered if my last c-section had gone totally wrong and ruined my stomach thus leading to all the nausea and heartburn this pregnancy.

This is seriously stuff I think about as the day goes on.  Do any of you have ridiculous fears or am I the only one? 


Helen said...

You can ask Bryan how many times I obsessed about my belly button popping during my pregnancy. But I outsource the "horrible things" worrying in our family to Bryan -- after I told him I wanted to take a ferry in Seattle, he had a week's worth of dreams about Nora falling off the ferry and him having to dive into the Sound to save her, without success. :(

Helen said...

Oh, but we have also have had many a conversation about, "In case I die...." That's my mom's worries coming out in me. Several items on this list sound like your mom's worries in you. (number 4, perhaps?)

Kitten said...

Ugh, Helen, that ferry ride was totally fun because N loved loved it but I spent a GOOD amount of time worrying that N would fall off the back of the boat and be sucked into the wake of the boat.