It Is All Good

Want to know a way to freak an anxious pregnant lady out?  After you give her a thorough week twenty ultrasound, leave her in the room with her ultra calm husband for about half an hour or so.  My mind went racing through the possibilities.  Did the ultrasound technician smile while she gave me the exam?  (An indication things went right.)  Did she make any concerned noises or linger over a portion of the test?  (Why did she have so much trouble finding my baby's unfurled hand?!)  Was the doctor gearing up to tell me unpleasant news about my darling little new one?  By the time I did talk to the doctor, I was most of the way to throwing up out of pure nerves, only to hear...

"The baby looks great!"

Why couldn't you have just come by, said that, and added, "Do you mind waiting half an hour while I finish up some other stuff?"  I don't mind waiting.  I can be a patient person when I'm thinking good thoughts.  When I'm about to throw up because my fetus is hypothetically damaged, I'm not patient or calm!

In less awesome news, my doctor was concerned by my disinclination to rush about getting myself blood thinners, pointing out that this could kill me at any moment.  I'm not saying I'm not going to get blood thinners, but there was no way in hell I was administering them to myself. As my friend and I once discussed, Stacy (in The Baby-Sitters Club books) and her need to give herself a daily injection of insulin were horrifying.  In fact, I once read a book in which that was a murder weapon.  No lie. I really did.  And now I find myself in the position of needing a daily shot, once again, for several months.

Another interesting note is that being of "Advanced Maternal Age" (heh, they totally said that to me) and having a previous blood clots means that I'm going to see the doctor so damned much.  I get eight non-stress tests weekly before my delivery!  I find it ironic that something called a non-stress test will be giving me so much stress.


CraftyAngie said...

Ha! when i went for the first ultrasound my husband wasn't with me. They said it was too early and it was just to "check why the levels of hormone were the way they were" (see if i was more advanced since they were through the roof).

The doctor comes in, puts the ultrasound wand about 2 inches from where the tech had placed it. Tech says "that's not what I saw!" (those are the famous last words right there).

They chat quietly for about 15-20 minutes, every 5 mins Dr turns to me saying "oh, don't mind us, the technician is teaching me how to use the new machine...".

Doc walks away as she "needs to talk to her supervisor". After 10 minutes of waiting in the cold, wearing one of those hospital gowns, lots of texting with my husband and Dr comes back with a "congratulations, you're having twins!".

I HATE it when they walk away and say nothing. Pregnant women aren't ignorant little 5 year olds...

Kitten said...

Angie, OMG. I feel so bad for you right now. I would have flipped out. Also, my husband wanted to see the baby, but I really wanted him there in case something did go wrong. I didn't want to sob in the ultrasound room without him. After my last ultrasound of my last pregnancy, I feel like I need the support of someone there.

(Seriously, when you're being ultrasounded for slow growth on your due date, and your ultrasound technician is like, "Why is this baby not waking up? PS. We're sending you up for IMMEDIATE induction" you also want to flip out!)

CraftyAngie said...

OMG, If that had happened, I would have freaked out. I almost did when, after the last ultrasound, they said "oh, one of the babies has been losing fluid" (Marlon's favorite if she's reading the comments).

They induced that night and the girls were born at 37 on the dot (full term was considered 36).

Yeah...they should do something to treat pregnant women with more respect. Some of the people I saw were so dismissive of whatever concerns I had! I know they see this every single day but hey, it was my first pregnancy!

Bailey H said...

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