Less Gloom, More Baby Room

Because I forget these things and I use my blog as my notepad now -- here is what I need to get for the new baby and N prior to the birth:

1.  Going home from the hospital outfit.  If this is a girl, be prepared to see the fussiest, craziest, girliest outfit that has ever existed.
2.  New crib, but one that sits on the floor rather than a few feet off the floor.  I'd rather bitch about bending over to put my baby to bed than spend two years worrying that my baby would fall five feet to the floor below after they climbed out.
3.  Twin sized bed and mattress.
4.  Playmat.  A cute one.
5.  Carseat.
6.  Small bottles (Will this be the baby I can breastfeed?  Let's hope so.  I will totally save money.)
7.  A recommendation for a newborn photographer because I want precious pics of the tiny babe this time to post all over the house.
8.  New non-yucky diaper bag.
9.  Mei tai.

It's not as much stuff as last time, thank God.


Helen said...

No, *I* need a carseat. You have one on loan to me. (which Nora is about to pop out of)

I am very happy with our ikea crib. And the skip hop funky farmyard mat. Also, the ring sling I got online. Also, I have a moby wrap you can have.

I used dr. mom and myself as my infant photog, but let me know if you need help scouring etsy for posing tools and ideas. :)

Gloria Signes said...

We loved our BabyHawk mei tai when Marty was wee. Although I drooled over a possible M.O.M. tai. (Her design has the straps making an X through the body of the mei tai, so they go all the way to the waist strap. Seemed quite sturdy. And my sister-in-law had a to-die-for wrap-conversion mei tai. I can't remember who made it, so I sent her an email to ask her to remind me. (I was super jealous of that mei tai.)

Kitten said...

@Helen, I totally forgot that we had loaned you a carseat even though P rather hilariously pointed out that you gave us both car seat bases back and now we don't know which had been in the accident. Either way, we're both happy that the carseat did its job when it came to the accident!! I'm not using a sling or wrap, because I think I'd screw up the wrap -- did you like it?

And I NEED posing tools and props like giant fluffy knitted hats.

Kitten said...

@Gloria, I was thinking of getting the BabyHawk, but I'm not sold yet. I see a lot for sale for much cheaper prices on Etsy but I'm terrified that if I buy at a cheap price, my baby will break through the mei tai and get hurt. (Part of my irrational worries.)

Gloria Signes said...

I tried a lot of different Mei Tais, and I really found the quality of the BabyHawk to totally be worth it. I also found the size to be just right. But, like I said, if I could have had a M.O.M. tai, I'd have definitely gotten one. Etsy is great, but I have to say I really appreciate the long-term feedback on BabyHawk. I also had a BabyHawk onbuhimo (which I also really liked). My sister-in-law had an Octi Mei Tai (OMT). It was converted from a lovely woven wrap (and had "wrap straps"). I really liked that, too, but wrap straps aren't for everyone. You might also like a Chunei (between a mei tai and a soft structured carrier and a wrap - very soft & secure & easy to wear). I'm sure you'll find something you like! (Not the Ergo with infant insert?)

Helen said...

Neither of those bases were in the accident. (We disposed of all parts involved, as recommended.) You had given us a second, which we never used, and I gave Paul the base that came with the new seat we got, too. Since we don't have a car, we've just been strapping in the seat sans base when we need to use it.