Cookbook Club -- November

If you didn't know, Cookbook Club is coming to our household on November 6th at 1 pm. This is an open invite to the people who read this blog and are located close by and who are not murderers, robbers, or baby kidnappers. What is Cookbook Club? Well, it's really the work of Helen and Anna, but the point is that you bring food from a cookbook, cooking blog, or cooking magazine, and we all sit down and sample.

They've picked Dinner is a Love Story, which was tricky of them. Because the authors of that blog don't use very clear tags to delineate which posts are recipes and which are just talkative, you've got to read the darned blog to find recipes! I mean, I liked the blog, but I suggest these people put together a recipe list too.

Because people like me might be angry, you're allowed to use Time for Dinner: Strategies, Inspiration, and Recipes for Family Meals Every Night of the Week since one of the bloggers also wrote for that book.

What will I be making? I'm a sweets type of person, so maybe Snickerdoodles. If forced to do a savory, I might try something new such as this Greek chicken soup.

Now for the bad news! We don't have a microwave, we have only one oven, and four burners. That means if you need to heat stuff up, space will be limited. We also have two cats, one preschooler, and a small house. However, to offset this, I think we might have our fireplace going and a cheese plate out. Does that balance anything out? Also, our preschooler is awfully cute.

Listen, if I've invited you before I want you to come and join in. The only rule is one dish per person. So, if you invite your significant other who hates cooking over, make sure you find them the cheese plate post and have them buy some delicious cheeses. (As a general rule, if I know you, and you come over bearing delicious cheese or delicious alcohol, I'll let you in my house without complaint.) Give it a try.


Helen said...

Huh. Sounds like a fun idea -- maybe I'll give it a try! (I won't fault you and Paul if Nov 6 turns out to be 75 degrees, though, and there's no fire in the fireplace.)

embroid6000 said...
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