Please Help Me

Someone out there must have gotten a sinus infection while pregnant, right?  What did you do besides live in pain and suffering the entire time?  I can't stop coughing long enough to sleep and my face hurts from the pressure in it.  Do I just suck it up for the next few weeks and keep trying to dislodge it with hope and a prayer?


Three Hundred Posts And All I Get Is One Boy And One Girl

So, my husband and I pulled off a surprise intended for us!  As you might recall, we wrapped a surprise onesie (with the help of a harried Babies'R'Us service desk individual) letting us know the gender of our still gestating little one.

On Christmas night, when the majority of our family was over, and after my mom nearly cried during the morning opening of presents when we told her that we were waiting to open the onesie until the evening, we opened our package and inside was a...  bright pink little sister onesie!  I hope to get a video up eventually, but my face was all shock and happiness from what I was told and my in-laws video. 

I'll tell the truth, I was so happy initially when I saw the pink onesie, but now I feel a kind of worry and guilt.  N really really wanted a brother and I feel like I failed my little boy.  Afterwards, I told him that the baby in the belly was a girl and he said to me with an unhappy face, "But I wanted a boy."  I know that he'll eventually not care, but still...  My sole reason for wanting a boy was to make N happy.

I'm also worried that I could never love any other little child as much as I love N, but I'm assured by the internet that this is a common worry that does not often come true. 

One boy and one girl.  Looks like I will have it all. 


How A 30 Week Pregnant Woman Goes To Sleep

Man, oh, man.  These weeks.  I'm trying to keep a chin up, I am, but N's school is the school of germs and destruction.  I've been sicker in December than ever and it is hard.  I love Christmas and this is just the worst.  I thought I'd write you all with a quick blog post, however, of how I fall asleep nowadays.  Read it and weep.

1.  Decide it is finally time to sleep.  This can occur any time between eleven PM and four AM.  I know some of you are horrified, but my insomnia has hit me especially hard this pregnancy.

2.  Brush my teeth.  Check on N to see how his breathing is.  His asthma is kicking up in this dry weather.  Forget I've brushed my teeth and brush them again.  Use the bathroom.

3.  Get to bed where I need to rearrange my nest of pillows.  This takes about five minutes.

4.  Lay down.  Cough.  Nearly throw up.  This happens every single night.  I try not to clear my throat by coughing but then I am miserable.

5.  Spend another ten minutes in the bathroom trying to keep the food I did not eat down.

6.  Get back into bed and think about the nest of pillows and the heartburn. 

7.  Turn from side to side trying to find a position where my lower spine doesn't feel like it's falling apart.

8.  Think about the c-section.

9.  Vow to try a natural birth.

10.  Laugh at myself and then weep.

11.  Have to get up and use the bathroom again!

12.  Re-arrange pillows and finally find sleeping spot that is vaguely comfortable.

13.  Drowse.  P who is soundly sleeping turns over.  This is like a small earthquake in our bed.  Can't believe I never noticed pre-pregnancy that he basically throws himself around when he turns over.  It wakes me up.  Bathroom time again.

14.  Come back.  Settle down.  Drowse.

15.  Spend next hour or two trying to sleep/drowse.  Finally, six or seven in the morning, fall dead asleep.

16.  Seven thirty AM, N walks into the bedroom and screams, "WAKE UP!"

For serious, folks.  If they offer me pain or sleeping drugs after that c-section, I'm going to take them like there is no tomorrow.  And I'm going to sleep.  I just want them to bring me a baby to feed and change for a few days while I sleep and sleep and eat ice.


Have You Wondered If I Was Alive?!

Wonder no longer, my friends.  The last few weeks have been...  interesting.  The list of things that have gone wrong in the last two weeks seem kind of hilarious, but when I'm in the midst of them, it is just just a little overwhelming and I can't blog.  (To give you a hint, in the last week alone, N has gotten both a horrible stomach bug and pinkeye and I've gotten the stomach bug and our heater broke and everything every where fell apart.) 

But, life is starting to pull together, and I'm done most of my Christmas shopping, so now I'm back to bitching about pregnancy and how much I'm already over it.  I'll try to post more often so you guys know what is going on, but don't be too surprised if December is sparsely populated with posts.

Wait, how are the holidays going for all of you?!