Watercolor Memories!


I did this once before, but N makes new sweet memories every day.

1. "Wants Mommy!" "Holds Mommy!" The inevitable call of my son right before he lunges out of my husband's arms, or while he stands in a parking lot or store, plaintively lifting his arms to me.

2. The dedicated manner in which he tries to kiss me when I try to ward him off, jokingly.

3. The way he loves the zoo! "More animals?" Along with the desperate use of the sign language for more.

4. He keeps telling me about the motorcyclist that is on hayrides and then asks to go on a hayride himself.

5. "Let's go, Flyers. Let's go!" Along with some lisping and clapping.

6. Sometimes I'll wake up to hear him singing softly to himself, "Bouncing, bouncing, onnnnnnnn my knee!"

7. Parks are now just places where he can fly down the longest, scariest slides! It's both thrilling and terrifying to watch him come shooting sideways out of a particularly twisty one.

8. Every nap time is proceeded by at least four "Buzz, bee!" actions. This is where I put my finger high up in the air, and start to say buzzzzzz. When the finger slowly buzzes to him, he grabs it and buzzes either himself, me, or stuffed Nemo on the nose. I'm required to say bee at that time.

9. His Indian food eating is still amazing. How can anyone that small put away that much mattur paneer?!

10. He loves bubbles and blowing bubbles so much, that all I have to do to get him to go outside is ask him if he wants to play bubbles. He then jumps to get the bubbles from the kitchen.