Pregnancy, It's All I Discuss Because I'm Boring

Actually, lovelies, if I can ever get off my ass, I'll take pictures of the pillowcase I made for N today. After dropping him off slightly early, but not too early, I rushed home to read some blogs, make brownies, clean the house, and sew. I'll admit, though it reeked horribly of domestic bullshit, I did find it lovely. It was relaxed, entertaining, and productive.

I was going to use my Weekend Sewing pillowcase pattern, but it asked for slightly more fabric than I had of my main fabric, a cute cotton print of woodland animals. I jumped over to the ConKerr Cancer site for their pattern and realized I still didn't have enough fabric. However, because I'm not an idiot, I was able to manipulate the inches of each fabric until I was able to get what I want -- a working pillowcase pattern.

Saying that, I still screwed up because I'm incapable of reading directions. The first sewing step of the pattern is basically: "Fold the border in half lengthwise, with the wrong sides together, and press." I folded widthwise and spent five minutes wondering why I did that before unfolding the piece. After sewing my two fabrics together and reading the next step, I wondered why the edge of my pillowcase was not hemmed. I realized that with the step I got wrong, if I had done it right, there would have been no need for hemming. Then, I wept.

I kind of love sewing now, but it's such a non-child friendly hobby. It's full of sharp scissors, pins, needles, and burning hot irons, any and all of which could truly injure a three year old. N begged to sit next to me while I finished up the sewing and I let him, but I was a nervous wreck and I kept checking where his hands were.

Anyway, living by the motto "Pics or it didn't happen", I'll try to get you a picture by next month or so.

Yarn, yarn, yarn

Do you see what that is? Wine. It's beautiful, boozy red wine. In fact, that picture is of the first wine I drank after N's birth. I'm so in need of a damned drunken binge. I don't want to get so messed up that I black out, but I want the pleasantly woozy feeling of being a little tipsy. I know it'll be at least four more months until I get there, but I'm waiting patiently. The good news? C-section patients get their babies removed at 39 weeks instead of 40! Yay for small miracles. I'd totally be willing to give this baby up at week 38 if they aske though.

In other news, do you think I'd be a jerk to buy myself a baby gift? I love the idea of CitrusLane. They send you a box of age-related goodies for your baby! I think I might save part of my work earnings for this because if I were tired and grumpy, a box of cute baby goods arriving once a month on my doorstep might cheer me up. And I could sign up for the short 3-month subscription, even!

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