Do You Think I Have An Anxiety Problem?

I'm totally posting from my iPad for the first time as a tribute to Steve Jobs. That was a lie. I'm doing this because I'm lazy and my couch is comfortable. But I do like a good Apple product. (That clearly doesn't include the piece of crap Apple computer I was forced to buy in college.)

Anyway, this will be a short one. I just took a test on the Internet to see if I had an anxiety disorder. It was one with obvious "normal" versus "stop worrying so much" answers and so I was not surprised when it told me to see a doctor. After I got the results I worried that I had picked the answers I did just to get that result. Then I worried that worrying about an anxiety disorder test online probably meant I really did have a problem with anxiety.


Helen said...

I think you go talk to someone about whether or not you have an anxiety problem if your doctor suggests you do so, and just leave aside any possible results of an internet quiz.

But, yes, I also hate internet quizzes where it's obvious what answer you will get on every question. What percentage of boys get Harry on the "what harry potter character are you?" quizzes? Probably 90%.

Unknown said...

That's a hard call and very difficult for anyone who doesn't know you in meat space to answer. You do *seem* more preoccupied with things you have no control over than other people I know, but I go through phases like that myself. I get stuck in obsessive thought patterns about something I have absolutely no control over; they eventually work themselves out.

We all have anxiety about different things and at differing levels. I think it becomes a problem at the point that it's affecting your quality of life and day-to-day operations. And the fact that you're wondering about this would--to me--hint that maybe it already is and you consider it a problem.

Kitten said...

Heh, don't worry, I'm not using online tests to determine my anxiety levels. I merely point out that I DO have high anxiety levels with this post. I plan on seeing a doctor in the new year to get some medication after the baby is born, or at least to see if I need medication.