More Mish And More Mash, Only With An Actual Photo

Something amazing I learned in the past week -- if I blog more than once every other month, people will comment on my blog and visit it!  (Other things I might learn in the future: taking pain medication when I'm in pain will diminish my pain, sleeping a proper night's sleep will give me more energy the next day, and doing my hair will make me hate my frizzy hair less.)

Anyway, when I fell ill in the first (and half of the second) trimester, I gave up on processing photos and posting to Flickr.  I just couldn't give a crap anymore.  This is why my recent blog posts violate all my rules of posting by not having photos.  How can I put up October posts when my most recent photos are of Father's Day?!


Luckily, I'm slowly getting back on track.  Even more luckily, I don't think I took more than three pictures in September and October combined.  I really need to get caught up prior to having baby number two.

Now, to  check if any of you actually read these things through the whole way -- what shows are you watching now that fall television is back in swing?  I've already told you that my life isn't complete without Community and Vampire Diaries, but I want to know if there's anything I don't watch that I should give a try.

Also, now that I feel more human and less ill, what should I attempt to sew during N's preschool hours?!

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