Fisher Price Bubble Mower

If you know our family in real life at all, you might know that N is obsessed with lawn mowers. By that I mean, obsessed. When we start the day, he wakes me up with the question, "Mow?" When we hear a lawn mower, which is every second of every day in our suburban area full of retirees, I hear, "Mow?" He often has full dialogues which go something like "Mow? More mow? Daddy mow. Daddy mow. N mow. Mow? Daddy mow." When I reply that daddy is at work or that we can't mow now, I get the helpful reply of "Daddy mow." He begs for us to draw him and daddy mowing lawns. He was turning all of his pushable toys including his push popper and his little CAT excavator into mowers, telling us, "Mow" as he pushed along.

Now, as you probably guessed, my top pick for a present for him for his birthday was a bubble mower. I think they are adorable and classic gifts. Plus, when we gave Paul his birthday card just a few days before N's birthday, it included a picture of a daddy bear mowing the lawn and a baby bear following him with a bubble mower. N would often instruct us to take the card down from the mantle so he could stare at it intently and tell us what was happening in the card. "Daddy mow. N mow." Rather than giving him the wrapped up box for his birthday, we assembled the bubble mower and put it in our garage next to Paul's mower.

Plus plus, I was getting freaked out at the idea of this scene.

Lawn Mower

The next time he headed out to the garage after his birthday, there it was. Fisher Price's Bubble Mower. I had assumed that Fisher Price couldn't screw up a bubble mower since I associate the name Fisher Price with "plastic toys that work". Argh, I was wrong. This thing can't blow bubbles. Out of the roughly fifteen times N has rolled this thing around our lawn, I've seen maybe five bubbles fly free of it. It's frustrating. I've seen online reviews suggest getting new bubble solution or diluting the bubble solution that I have, but I wish it would just darn well work.

However, as complaints go, that really is my only one. N has only one opinion of that mower and that is LOVE. It is a mini mower that allows him to follow daddy around during the all important task of mowing and it makes mowing noises. He imitates Paul perfectly, going in the same circles Paul does, making the same stops Paul does. He's Paul's little shadow.

Daddy's Shadow

As Paul says, it adds about ten minutes to his mowing routine, but it adds a ton of joy. Plus, it's kind of hilarious to watch our neighbors slowly drift out of doors to watch N happily follow Paul all around our lawn. Everyone near us loves to chat us up about how adorable it is, and we can only agree. So, I think that while I would only give this toy three stars out of five (stupid bubbles!), N would happily rate it a ten star toy (out of five).

My Mower

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