Terrible Terrible Twos

I remember a little baby boy I had who was willing to eat whatever I suggested, snuggle whenever I wanted, and do whatever was ordered. I miss that baby. To say we've hit the terrible twos is underselling what has happened. I think this is the year that makes parents 'unhappy' to be parenting. (Sidenote: this study is kind of odd. I would never say that I have more choices, money, or free time for being a mom, but I've also never before experienced the pure crazy love of having a little boy ask for a kiss just because he loves me so much or of a toddler snuggling into my arms because I am literally the only person on the planet who can drive his nightmares away. I think I know a greater depth of love for being a parent.)

However, back to the tantrums. I feel like overnight, I went from this:

Nathan Tries To Outcute

to this:


And I'm going to come right out and say that this is not cool. I've had fights over toys, getting in the car, eating, and sleeping. Today, I watched him roll around on the floor screaming "Lawnmower" with buckets of tears streaming down his face. I left him there for five minutes to go fold laundry and came back to find him in the same location still whining uncontrollably, still saying, "Lawnmower" forlornly. I know this too shall pass, but it's kind of crazy making to watch it happen.

I'm faced with questions such as, "Will my son ever eat fruit again?", "Is it better to let him eat only hot dogs or to fight over trying to get a veggie in him now and then?", "Is he just more tired?", "Do I really want another child?", and "Should I feel guilty for letting him roll on the floor?"

I'm putting this post out there to let any blog readers I do have know that sometimes I find my son exasperating, and sometimes entertaining, but I always love him. Also, do you know any tricks to getting your child to eat anything besides crackers?


Anonymous said...

I feel you.

And I have no advice. I'm probably the worlds worst parent.

I've heard that when you make it through the "terrible twos," things get SO much better. Let me just say, MJ's terrible twos started as soon as she turned 1, and they don't seem to be letting up. (Take with grain of salt, because, as I already mentioned, I'm the worlds worst parent)

-MJ's mommy

marlie said...

I have no children of my own, but I recall that my (now 10-year-old) nephew went through a stage where he ate chicken nuggets and chicken fingers, and practically NOTHING else, starting from when he was 2 until maybe 4 or 5.

He's now perfectly healthy and happy, and eats more than just deep friend pseudo-chicken products.

So as difficult as it might be right now, I think it'll pass.

Kisses to N...

Helen said...

I think you would feel a lot less guilty about him rolling around on the floor if you shot a video of it. :) You can just email that straight to me, so you need not face the judgement of the mommy police on youtube.

Jessica said...

We are just back from vacation & I'm catching up, so I hope anybody even sees this comment. Ethan is what--10 months older than your boy? Something like that. You're not alone. That sullen picture is an all-to-familiar expression. And I also (pretty routinely) question if I really want another child, or if I could even handle one. But I love the kid to bits! I think he's marvelous. And I want more. Yes. I definitely might be insane.