Fireworks On The Third

The Bombs Bursting In Air

I mentioned how my Fourth of July rolled this year, but I didn't talk about my third of July went. Rather than celebrate on the fourth like normal people, Paul and I decided to introduce our little man to the world of festivities and fireworks on the third of July.

Finding a local place celebrating early was pretty easy since the whole weekend appeared to be crazy busy with festivals and celebrations around our area. We picked one celebration near my mom's house and headed on over. By the time we arrived, everything at the small little event was in full swing. We hiked over to the area with the food and lawn space (and it was quite a hike).

Walking To Fireworks

N was enthralled by the flashing lights and balls and do-hickeys that everyone around us had. Children were constantly running, running, running, and he was agog at the whole event. After we ate a quick unhealthy meal, we settled on the lawn with our blanket and he quickly found some other small children to play with. (Don't you adore how all very small children instinctively play together once they hit around two years of age?) I headed off to grab a snack of sno-cones, kettle corn, and funnel cake for us all. By the time I got back everything was almost ready to start and it was rapidly getting dark, so we forced N to stop playing and made him eat funnel cake. Luckily, after his first bite, he didn't seem inclined to prevent us from giving him more.

When the firework show finally started, he was a little unsure of how to react, so Paul and I over celebrated each firework with cheers and laughter and applause. When he saw that we were freaked out by the noise and feel of the fireworks, he settled into my lap and let me hold him while we watched the night sky.

My creation

Overall, Paul and I felt it was a super successful Fourth of July celebration even if we celebrated a day earlier than normal. On the way home, the following conversation ensued.

Paul: I can't believe we brought into the world a person who just saw their first fireworks.
Jenn: I know. Everything is so thrilling when he's experiencing it!
Paul: He won't remember this, but we'll always remember his reaction to seeing his first fireworks!

It's true. N will never remember this day, but Paul and I will always remember his dancing, his face lit up by fireworks, his smiles, and the way he happily rode on his daddy's shoulders on the way back to the car.

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