WIP Wednesday: Am I even still knitting?

It's a good thing that Jenn actually does and writes about gardening, knitting, sewing, photography ... my one and only craft has fallen to the wayside as I have gotten busy crafting another project, with a nine month timeline.

But, there has been some action, and Anna asked for an update, so my WIP in all its glory....

check that sleeve

It's been a work-in-progress forever. But, it's a reasonably simple pattern, once I decided I had gotten past "the hard part". Now it actually has sleeve holes, instead of just being draped over my shoulder to give the impression of a sleeve! It's just stockinette for inches and inches now. Bryan is very good about encouraging me to go to knitting, even when I'm tired. And I don't have wine to slow me down anymore, so I should just shoot through this like a rocket ship!

Which project will be completed first? Only time will tell!

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