Swimming Class

Paul Teaches Nathan To Swim

Helen has me hooked on the Unclutterer, but I find that the author is fairly preachy and she clutters up my Google Reader, ironically enough. Recently, she linked back to one of her old posts about removing clutter from your child's life (and your own) by removing classes from their schedule. I was embarrassed upon reading this article because it was like the article was lecturing me. "Kitten, why do you over schedule your baby? Why is he taking so many classes?"

Well, at least with the swimming classes, I have a good answer. I don't want him to drown. In your face, Unclutterer, he's going to continue to take those classes. In my soccer class post, hopefully coming soon, I'll explain why I let a two year old take more classes than a person can imagine.

Several months ago, while at the park at the Plymouth Meeting Community Center, I noticed they had the most bitching pool I've ever seen. It was indoors, you could walk into it at a gradual incline, it had TWO slides, water fountains, and that was only the recreational pool. The lap pool had two diving boards and went down to thirteen feet. When I noticed they had classes for babies, I decided to sign up N.

You see, my cousin, Talena, loves to tell me tales of children who've died horribly due to horrible circumstances including things like pools and stray curtain cords and mothers who are napping. After she told me the tale of two three year old children who drowned because they managed to get into a pool, I realized that the least I could do would be to get N up to speed on some very very basic swimming skills. It might not save him if I'm not around, but if I was, perhaps it would give him an extra five or ten necessary seconds to call my name or Paul's so we could save him! (Yes, I'm really this way.)

Also, don't we all know some people who don't swim as adults? My beloved sister-in-law can't swim and I know she wishes she could. I think it's easiest to learn the younger you are, as is true with most things, so off to class N went!


As it turns out, N is a pro! He took to kicking with abandon, and quickly mastered the arm pull and on the back kicking too. We've even dunked him under water, after a quick blow of air into his nose and mouth. Today, during class, he was sliding into the pool from the edge without needing my hands to hold him. I was there to catch him, of course, but he leaned right into me without fear. Additionally, he has mastered the combo arm pull with leg kick! This is only his fourth class. Sure, he's been to the pool other times, when he was only a little older than one, but I'm still super proud of him. I really think I'm going to continue his classes so that he can become a braver, stronger swimmer.

The Fish Slide

At the end of class, I try to get him to do a slide down the baby slide, but, oddly enough, while he might be brave about water, he's terrified of slides in which I don't hold his hand the whole way down.

Does It Say Something

And, like all good classes, afterward we head to Starbucks for some refreshment.


Helen said...

Heh, I think it's funny that you think the Unclutterer is trying to boss you. Esp. that post! Maybe it just reminds me of Gretchen's posts on the same topic, but, to me, it was a post about "are your 'yes'es forcing you into 'no's for the things you really want to be doing?" Looking at those pics, swim class seems like an obvious yes for the whole family! (Also, why didn't my pool have a fish slide like that when I was a kid?)

You probably want to switch to this feed:

which dumps all the "a year ago" posts. I agree that it makes the feed too busy.

Diane said...

I've never read the unclutterer...although I may need too! My little guy has been taking swim lessons with his dad for over a year and a half now. He loves it, but isn't quite as adventurous as your N. I wanted him to not only learn how to swim, but to also not be fearful of the water. And what is wrong with little kids being exposed to different things through classes...hmmm? LOL

I had wanted to email you a reply to a comment you left on my blog, but I had the wrong email address. Of course I can't remember what I wanted to send you at the moment...

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