Don't Forget, Don't Forget

I'm always afraid that my memories of the adorable things that my son do will fade away. I know that I've forgotten small cute things from last year, and, perhaps, a year from now, I will have forgotten the adorable MWAH sound he makes when he leans in for a kiss. So, here's a small list of things I am currently finding so cute that it nearly kills me:

1. That MWAH sound. Adorable, adorable, adorable. It makes kisses better.

2. The way he yells "Chocat" when we pass by Starbucks. He also makes the milk sign so that I know he means he wants chocolate milk from Starbucks.

3. The little wave he gives as I change a dirty diaper. "Byyyyyyeeeeee, yucky! Byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee, stinky!"

4. He whispers yes when I ask him if he wants me to sing "You Are My Sunshine" right before a nap.

5. His complete crazy laughter when Austin nearly gets killed by a falling rock in the 'Scared of You' episode of Backyardigans.

6. The tug of his hand and the pat of the floor when he wants me to play with him.

7. He touches the freckles on my face right before a nap and then points to his own freckle on his elbow.

8. Our car conversations about trees, trucks, grass, and cars.

9. His toy cars being driven up and down my legs.

10. The little arms wrapped around my own arms when he is tired and happy that I'm carrying him.

11. His correction of his grandma when she called his butt a hiney and he told her it was a tushie.

12. He 'flushes' the arm handle of his potty seat.

13. The constant request for pictures of Daddy mowing for his Magnadoodle.

14. The thousand times we sing the verse "the daddies on the bus say I love you" because that's the only verse he really loves.

15. His gardening skills which mostly just include using his watering can to pour water over his feet.


Diane said...

What an awesome list! I need to copy your idea and write some of the cute things down too. Great idea!

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