Tom's of Maine Toothpaste

Several weeks ago, P and I decided it was time for N to make the move to fluoride toothpaste (from the swallowable bubble gummy stuff he had been using) and we decided to just let him use Aquafresh.  I'm not going to lie, we've used Aquafresh from the very beginning of our marriage because it is my preference and my preferences rule our bathroom products.  This is why my husband, a man with normal to oily skin and perfectly moisturized skin uses Aveeno and other products for super dry skin. 

Anyway, at first N was very excited to use "mommy and daddy's" toothpaste, but that lasted all of three seconds.  Then, the screaming began, "It's hot!  It's hot!  It burns!"  Our son was not the biggest fan of mint.  From there, toothbrushing time turned into torture screaming time, each occasion marked with tears and screaming and the words "it's hot!".  My husband persevered.  I gave up under the tears and moved to toothpasteless brushing. 

When Diane of Knitting Zeal offered a giveaway for strawberry toothpaste on her mommy blog, I got super excited.  I entered and won a tube of Tom's of Maine toothpaste and just got it this week!  Wow.  What a difference.  When N first saw it and I explained what it was, he took the tube and started dancing with it.  It was "his" toothpaste.  When he got his first bit of it, he stopped and said, "Yummy!  I love strawberries!"  (A blatant lie.)  Since then, we've had several successful toothbrushing opportunities with it, and I'm ready to call it a success.  He's pleased with its distinct lack of mint, I'm pleased with the fluoride he is spitting into the sink, and P is pleased that he doesn't have to deal with more screaming.

So, consider this my thanks for Tom's of Maine for hosting a giveaway on my friend's blog.  Since I doubt this will be the last tube we use, you've managed to turn a giveaway into a mom who is going to buy this product for several years.


Gloria Signes said...
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Diane said...

I'm so glad it helped!! They make an orange mango that I think tastes even better than the strawberry. Glad to have converted your son! :-)