No Lie, This Is A Rough Week

Some of you are probably unaware that my husband travels a fair bit. For months there, we were in a bit of a lull of travel time, but prior to N's birth, P would be away for weeks at a time. Then, during the winter of my discontent (ie, the time where N was diagnosed with asthma and I spent a lot of time at the doctor and hospital with him), P was called to work in MA for months and then NY. He probably spent a good half of the year, or more, away from us. I suffered through it a little bitterly, but N was always so happy to be with just me back then and I was so energetic, that it didn't really matter.

Then came this pregnancy and P's work's desire for him to travel to Seattle multiple times. And it's ramped up in October/November and might continue through until January, which we will officially call my eighth month of pregnancy. Now, for some energetic and glowing pregnant women, that might be fine. They might be happy to raise their children on their own while highly pregnant. Others might be forced to due to military leaves or being single parents. (If there is a heaven, I highly hope those people get a prime location in it after death. Otherwise, I hope karma comes for them early by way of lottery winnings.)

Me? I've been dying when P's gone. Like, I've stayed with my mom nearly the entire week and I'm still tired and beaten down. Literally, my mom called me this morning asking me if I wanted her to come over to babysit, because she was so worried about me. I told her no and later regretted it when I thought I was going to die after an hour walk at the mall with N. I literally came home and got sick from the food I had eaten and then lay on the couch while N watched television so I could get back to a state where I could give both of us a shower.

Now, N is in bed, and I'm still wishing I were comatose or on bed rest. (Man, hospital bedrest vacation, you're sounding better by the day.) How the hell am I supposed to get through another fourteen weeks of this crap? Anyway, I have to go make a "Star Of The Week" poster board for my son. Wish me luck. So far, I've put his name on it. It's due Wednesday. Why am I getting homework when my son is the one in school?!


Maternity Clothes said...

Take it day by day. Things will get better.

mermaids said...

if you can't take it day by day, take it hour by hour. (((hugs)))

i also have a "part time" husband. his business trips are always last minute and the return date is seldom etched in stone. the crappy economy has been sort of a "blessing." his company is trying to cut back on travel.

my boys are teens, so i am not nearly in the same boat as you... but i can empathize. he traveled some when they were little. it was rough.

ask for... and accept... help, especially while you are pregnant. don't feel guilty if you are not martha stewart right now. pregnancy can be tough. it is also your most important job right now. do whatever is necessary to get you through the next hour.

Kitten said...


My husband's business is actually on the up right now which is at odds with the economy! (He does work in the drug industry, so they still make money.) I think the worst part is that asking my mom for help is a double-edged sword. I get the help, but I also get a double heaping of criticism ("Why did you buy this crappy house?"). If I had anyone else to turn to, I would.