Have You Wondered If I Was Alive?!

Wonder no longer, my friends.  The last few weeks have been...  interesting.  The list of things that have gone wrong in the last two weeks seem kind of hilarious, but when I'm in the midst of them, it is just just a little overwhelming and I can't blog.  (To give you a hint, in the last week alone, N has gotten both a horrible stomach bug and pinkeye and I've gotten the stomach bug and our heater broke and everything every where fell apart.) 

But, life is starting to pull together, and I'm done most of my Christmas shopping, so now I'm back to bitching about pregnancy and how much I'm already over it.  I'll try to post more often so you guys know what is going on, but don't be too surprised if December is sparsely populated with posts.

Wait, how are the holidays going for all of you?! 

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