Cookbook Club Happened And You Were Most Likely Not There

Seriously, you almost all dissed me by not coming to Cookbook Club.  Luckily Helen and Anna are awesome and brought awesome food.  Though, remember how I said I might make that Greek Chicken Soup?  I did not, but P did and now I think I might be obsessed with it.  It seemed like no trouble, fairly cheap (especially if you ditch the chicken meat) and it was divine.  Also delicious?  The risotto which Anna made and the lentil salad from Helen.

Having said that, I kind of want to get a feel out for this -- if I had a gathering of people for sewing one day, would anyone be interested in coming?  I know a bunch of people who are either interested in learning to sew or who want to make time for it, but don't.

My Precious

I would totally be willing to let people try out my own machine, a Bernette 66, and I would have an iron and pins and stuff available for people who do sew and I would make room at my dining room table for people who'd like to bring a machine along. I'd even be willing to give some beginning pattern deciphering clues to people interested in fashion sewing, since I've done one or two easy patterns so far.

Would anyone be vaguely interested in doing this? It would probably be in either December or January, because by February I will have turned into a giant ball of nerves and anger waiting for this baby to come. (Like I'm not already a giant ball of angry nerves now!)

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