Need Fabric Opinions

So, after seven years of living with the ugliest cough on Earth, further uglified by my cats ripping up the arms until you could see the wood underneath the foam underneath the ugly fabric, I decided to do something about it. I mean, here is a picture from two or so years ago when it wasn't as horrible --

Bottle Time

I got a slipcover. I've always been virulently anti-slipcover, but I needed to do something. This couch was hideous. I ordered a cream slipcover from Overstock and a grey rug. When we got the slipcover, it ended up being a grey slipcover instead. So, now I have a yellow and grey living room, which I kind of like more than I imagined I would. I think I'm going to make turquoise my accent color.

Having said this, I still have the couch's hideous pillows which are saggy and ugly and non-comfortable, so I've decided to buy some down pillow forms and make pillows. Now comes the questions, which fabrics? I've decided on one which I fell in love with.

Do I do two of these pillow? Or do I do one of that fabric and one of the following as well?

And, because I'm a giant dork, I'm thinking of making N his own pillow in the following fabric.

P declared that this was unfair and I should make two of this pillow so that he could have one as well as N.

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Helen said...

I'd want to see the grey of the slipcover, but my first inclination would be 2 blue whale pillows, to contrast.