Friday Links #1

Like everyone else on Earth, I've decided that putting up a link to some things on the internet on a Friday would be a good idea.  Let's face it, we're all bored Friday afternoon and by Saturday, some of us are angry about the lack of internet posts.  I'm just helping us all to stay internet enthused this weekend.

Remember that daily schedule I posted a while ago?  I thought I was funny.  It turns out, Motherhood, WTF is funnier

Here's a toddler's letter to his father about the family bed. 

Okay, let's face it, this is probably too late for you, but Blonde Designs puts out a yearly set of signs that you can use for your child's first day of school photos.

One day, I'm most likely going to have a conversation with Noelle about inequality and unfairness due to her gender and why life for her brother will just be a tiny bit more charmed than hers.   I see that other mothers already have.

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I am giving you a LIEBSTER blogging Award! Check tomorrow's Blog for details! xx