I Heart Being Lazy

Kale Chips And Their Making

Ugh, do I wait until the last minute, or do I wait until the last minute?  I know, I totally wait.  If I ever got into a race with a hare, we'd both be napping on the side of the road forever, while we watched tortoise after tortoise race by. 

All that said, I did do it.  I completed a pin!  Kale chips by Smitten Kitchen (a blog I love and adore and read with anticipation.)  As you know, I used to be a vegetable hater.  I wouldn't eat vegetables other than potatoes for any reason.  I'd push onions, celery, and carrots in my soups to the side.  I'd wrinkle my nose at cauliflower.  Now?  I'd probably push someone down the stairs for a bowl of roasted Brussels sprouts.  (No one I live with, so don't worry for them.  N wouldn't even eat my bowl of Brussels sprouts if someone threatened to push ME down the stairs!)

Having said that, while I'm over my fear of a lot of vegetables and I only occasionally push onions off my plate, I just hate the idea of leafy greens.  Spinach, lettuce, and cabbage are things to be eaten because I must, not because I like to.  This does officially make me the worst Korean you've ever met.  Kale, in particular, seemed hideous.  It's a punishment food, right? 

Then Helen made me some and I was worried I was going to have to fake enthusiasm. Her own husband made faces at the chips as they were pulled out of the oven.  Having said that, I really liked them.  They were crunchy but super light and full of flavor.  I immediately decided I was going to try making them again and I pinned the recipe from Smitten Kitchen within the last few months when I remembered seeing it.

Kale Chips And Their Making

After getting a ton of kale at a local farmer's market, I just dug through the kitchen for the ingredients and whipped this together.  It was quick and tasty and no one in the house besides me will eat them so it's a treat I alone get.  

Kale Chips And Their Making

I will give you a bit of a warning.  Be careful with the salt.  It's really easy to over-season quickly!

I'm already photographing October's outing, and I hope to hear from some of you who said you would try this Pinterest thing.  TRY THIS.  Also, is it cheating to pin something because you want to do it, but you thought of the project before pinning it?  (For instance, can I pin an apple pie recipe even though I already know I want to do apple pie?  Is that a cheat?  I made this up and I don't even know!)


marlie said...

The kale chips look kinda tasty!

And no, it's not cheating to make the apple pie. It's your challenge, after all - you make the rules up as you go. ;)

Helen said...

I officially declare myself to have completed this monthly challenge since I inspired this one. (Gloria can, by this rule, do the same, since she's the one who inspired me to break down and make kale chips.)