Friday Links #2

Listen, folks, this is a paltry and sad links day, though everyone I link to has made me happy.  I know I've not been blogging, but, and this is a huge but, I'm catching up mightily on my photo processing.  I want to be more current with my photos so I can use more on my blog.  I'm finally within a month now and I expect I can be closer.  Also, I'm knitting up a storm (for me) and meeting up with moms and knitters and seamstresses up here in New Hampshire.

Anyway, Vahnee of Crunchy Parenting answered my questions.  None of the rest of you did.  They were easy questions.  Where are you faltering?  Were you afraid of giving a lame favorite superhero so that you left it unanswered because you thought I'd think that you were kind of dorky for naming Aquaman.  Let me assure you, I love Aquaman.  He is the best part of Batman: Brave and the Bold. 

 "Never trust an amphibian: land or water, choose a side!"

So, no fears, okay?  Do you not want to disappoint me with the Pinterest thing?  I'll forgive you if you answer me with "It's a lame idea, Kitten.  LAME."  

Anyway, I have two entries in the Pinterest thing!   Ms. Knitpicky, a favorite of mine for her video blog entries, her fabulous sense of color, and her love of Hedgehogs and My Little Pony, entered into it with some gluten free snickerdoodles.  I am not gluten-free so I won't be trying these, but if you are, go to it.  She recommends!

Marlie enters with a Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Scallops.   She also gave a thumbs up.  Doesn't that recipe just sound good?  It's like when you go to a restaurant and they have a "white wine, garlic, lemon, butter sauce" over some pasta or seafood.  Lemon, ricotta, pasta, and scallops are all bell ringers for me, so I want to do this.  Perhaps I will when N likes lemon or ricotta or pasta or scallops.  Sigh.  

Listen, there is still time for you to enter.  I plan on doing a food themed giveaway this month because people did enter.  I also plan on putting up my own Pinterest post when I get my photos finished.  (Ironically, I've baked like mad this month, but almost none of it counts because I didn't pin the recipes beforehand.  Oh, why you gotta go and do me like that, internet?  Don't you want to hear about my peach crisp success or my raspberry and chocolate chip muffins failure?!)

In other news, I've sewn and made a reusable cloth sandwich bag.  Only, N doesn't need them because he doesn't eat lunch at school.  Does anyone use them and have a need for one?  

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