Statistics Lie, Pictures Are Love

Cripes, I'm about ten pictures away from being all caught up with posting photos. I know you're not impressed by that, but it's been years since I've been caught up with posting photos. Okay, that might be melodramatic since there was one point in the last two years besides today that I was current with my photo posting.

This is allowing me to blog about things which happened only a day or two ago, like my visit to the raspberry plants which helped me to determine that I think a firefly is living on one of them.

Firefly Lives Here

It's there every time I check on my plants and I check on them on a daily basis. It's always on a different leaf, so I don't think it's dead. If it were any other type of bug, I'd flip and call for Paul to bring death from above, but lightning bugs are my most favoritest bug.

In other words, they're about the only bug that don't cause me to scream in horror. The other day, Paul and I were shopping with N for N's birthday gifts at Toys'R'Us. I was looking at the Tag Junior Book Pal Thingie (and incidentally, does any one who reads this blog like that toy for their child) and I hear "Go show that to Mommy". N comes toddling over with a box in hand, looking up at me adorably and smiling. He hands me the box and I look at it. It's a box of bugs. I scream and drop the box in the middle of the aisle. Paul is laughing horribly in the background and N picks up the box in considerably confusion and tries to hand it back to me. After some screaming from me to get Paul to get the box back from N who will not leave me alone about taking it, Paul takes the box and laughs harder because the box contains real bugs, not just plastic ones. Sure, they're somehow preserved and dead, but a box of bugs. Man, he's lucky I didn't bop him one in the face in the middle of the store.

That's a lot of digressing when all I really wanted to tell you was that I managed to get some pictures taken and posted. Now I can check my Flickr stats on a daily basis once again to see if people are checking pictures of my darling N or if that stupid sofa I photographed years ago is still the hit of my Flickr account.

I love statistics, you know. I'm almost always checking my blog stats (using Google Analytics). In fact, just recently, I was checking my stats for this page and I was getting depressed. I had posted three times in a week and gotten no hits. How could this be, I asked myself. Sure, I had no readers, but at least Paul was looking at my blog, right? I mean, once a week, right? I normally got a few readers a week, and I was posting so much! I started to get worked up about it, and then I noticed my craft blog was getting no hits either. I experienced a deep depression before I realized I was a moron. I had forgotten to install the Analytics script to my website so there was nothing to track people hitting my page. People don't hate me, Google just doesn't know that they exist. (Or they do hate me, but Google still isn't aware that my nemesi are checking my page to see if I'm plotting against them. Hint, nemesi: I totally am.)

I'm off to have some fairy bread now. It's delicious: buttered bread with nonpareils. I like to toast my bread first, but give it a try. It makes me smile.

Fairy Bread

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KidSmartyPants said...

Heh. That reaction to the box of bugs was totally hysterical. I was nearly laughing just reading about it.

I'm evil.