Mostly Happy Birthday, Boys

After years and years of trying to think of things to post, I feel like I have a ton of stuff to say. Maybe it's because I've (temporarily) nearly caught up with posting photos, so that the photos I put up today are from within the last week or two!

I feel that for years I've been behind in posting photos by a month or two, but though we held N's birthday party only a little over a week ago, I got up all the photos today. Helen told me that I would eventually post faster if I ceased to process them so much. I did not stop processing, I stopped chatting. You see, I was so super chatty in my Flickr picture posts that I had nothing left to chat about for this blog. Though you might not guess it, eventually my chattiness dies and I go play video games to recharge.

When I got pregnant, I found my due date was to be less than a week from Paul's birthday. I immediately apologized because I hated the idea of lessening Paul's birthday by putting our child's right on top of it. He took it in stride and shrugged it off, but I still felt bad. I was exuberant knowing that I would probably deliver a few weeks early or late (this is really what I thought) and he'd find it was at least a few weeks off of his birthday. Folks, I'm that 3% of women that deliver on their due date. Ha! Surprise! So now all the birthday goodness is packed into a week or two of celebration, cake, and dancing.

Of course, the fact that every thing is in June ups the ante. This means that come late May I need birthday cards for N from 'us', birthday cards for Paul from N and from me, Father's Day cards from N and from me, and Father's Day cards for Paul's dad. Hallmark only makes money from me in May and November. (That's a bald-faced lie too. I love wrapping paper so much that I spontaneously gift myself some throughout the year.)

Nathan's Latest Obsession

Understandably, picking cards to Paul from N is so much more fun than anything else. The cards are sweet, cute, and they make me want to hug them. The one Paul got for his birthday has even become an obsession in our household, regularly passed from N to me and back.

For N's party, we hosted at Paul's childhood home thanks to my exceedingly generous in-laws. There was cake (two, really) and ice cream and air rockets and children.

Nathan's Day

It was the perfect day, cool and bright and delicious. I think N enjoyed the party theme of the jungle animals (though I'm sure he would have loved a tractor or lawn mower themed party more) and the other kids enjoyed celebrating. I enjoyed celebrating N, but don't I do that every day?

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