Catch Up Here, Fall Back There

In "mind-boggling to me" news, the more I catch up with my photos, the more I fall behind in posting here. I have a text file saved with about ten things I want to blog about, and I've mostly got the pictures for those posts online, and I simply am not writing those posts.

To be fair, there's been a lot more than normal going on in my life, and it has not all been happy, but a lot of happy stuff has been happening. Let's talk about that instead since if I talk about the depressing, I'll end up in a downward spiral.

Last year, I was simply wiped with taking care of N, and he was so young that he wouldn't have appreciated anything we wanted to do. This year, however, the world of summer time events and festivals has opened before our little family. Approximately two weeks ago, Paul and I packed up N and headed to Skippack's Summertyme Festival. Skippack is one of those little towns in the suburbs of Philadelphia that has a ton of little shops, interesting restaurants, and a folksy/charming feel. If you live in Bucks County and read this, it's reminiscent of New Hope. If you live in Philadelphia, it's got shades of Chestnut Hill written across it. Though to be fair, Skippack is not as nice as either of those two places, if you ask me.

However, I do love to explore new places, and the few times I visited Skippack (for the yarn store Yarnings), I've thought of visiting. With the festival going on, we had a great excuse to head over. It was a small festival, but N really liked it, sweltering heat and all. Elmo was wandering the grounds, and N humorously had no ideas who Elmo was. N would stare at him in fascination and great suspicion. When I asked Elmo if he minded taking a picture with us, N really wanted nothing to do with the whole thing and rapidly asked for escape.

Nathan Is Like "Who Are You?"

There was also a moonbounce, which we decided that N should attempt since my cousin's son is soon to have a moonbounce party for his fourth birthday. I honestly believed that N would dislike the moonbounce, but N has his own ideas on what he likes or dislikes. What he likes is moonbounces and daddies who play peekaboo with him while he bounces. What he dislikes are mommies who want to take pictures and then eventually ask him to get out of the moonbounce.


Watching him on the moonbounce was great. He didn't quite understand how to jump like the older children were jumping, so he'd let their jumps propel him into the air, often sending him flying so that he'd roll around helplessly on the ground of the bounce.

We also hit up the petting zoo, but N didn't appreciate it as much as I had hoped. Truthfully, I was a little put off by it too, but I'm a hater of dirt, grass, and bugs. The inclusion of poop, non-cute animal drool, and a donkey really didn't help matters. We quickly pet the bunnies and fed the goats and headed out of there!

I'll Feed

There was a small section of crafters selling their goods, but due to N's nearing naptime, I didn't get much of a chance to explore them. Still, with the addition of other things we didn't manage to make it to, I'd recommend this to families looking for something to do in the summer heat. I'm fairly sure this is an annual event in Skippack.

Speaking of other summertime annual events that N is experiencing, Paul recommends the Plymouth Meeting Strawberry Festival. Two thousand and ten was their 73rd year doing the festival and any festival that celebrates strawberries is okay with me. I have not yet managed to make it, but N has gone these last two years. He highly approves of the watermelon they sell there.

Love That Watermelon

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