My Epic Fail -- Sewing Edition!

I decided several months ago to make myself the wrap skirt from Sew Everything Workshop. I was all excited about it and everything. Then, I did nothing. I mean, you all know how dead this blog has been. I knit one or two things, I sewed a few napkins and a bag, and I stared at my toes apparently.

Last week, I went to the library and, using Paul's card, got myself several books on sewing. After reading a TON, I decided I still wanted to make that skirt the most. So, I went and I bought really cute brown fabric with tiny white polka dots on it. I envisioned wearing it with my blue or green or pink shirts. (Sidenote: I own neither blue nor pink shirts.) I pictured it with cute kicky brown sandals. (Sidenote: At the time, I did not own such sandals, but Nine West came through for me.) I got jazzed. I even purchased some pattern paper. Last night, finally, finally, I managed to get the energy up to trace the pattern from my pattern page. I didn't want to cut it since I'm faintly optimistic that I might get back to a size small in the future from my current medium. I cut all those pattern pieces. I marked them all up. And I realized...

I had bought the amount of fabric described for 60 inch wide fabric, not 45 inch wide fabric.


epic fail

I managed to buy another yard of the fabric, but I was so depressed about the whole thing that I could only barely manage to cut and mark the pieces tonight. I'm going to go take a shower and wash the fail off of me.

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