Plays Well With Others -- Month 10

Hey, month 10 came and passed, Nathan. Dude, this month you were all about discovery after discovery! You started clapping this month and it is something that thrills both of us to the bone. The first day you did it, you would only clap once, and then you'd stop. Bryan and Helen came over the next day, and we were bragging about your single clap. We made you show them it, and you decided to take off on your own by clapping full time. You'd clap, we'd clap, you'd clap, we'd clap. Helen and Bryan probably think your daddy and I are nuts, but who cares! So awesome.

Also, last Monday, April 6th, you got your first tooth. It's on the bottom of your mouth and you won't let me take a picture of it. You get very angry when I try to feel it, but it's there. I can see it occasionally. And you like to bite on things now such as spoons, fingers, teething rings, and green beans.

You're still not crawling, but you get around by doing a combination of worm/peddle action. And you will also bounce along on your butt when you're sitting down. That is hilarious.

We started to go to the library for their baby story telling time. We haven't made any friends yet, but today you made a grab for another baby, and she waved at you. I think it's progress. Hopefully we can start going to more baby/children meetings so you can make some firm friends in our area.

Outside of our area? Wow, you are making a ton of friends. Check this out!

We're Cute Cousins!

OMG CUTE!!!111!!eleven


You so clearly think that your cousins are awesome, which is great! I can't wait to have this next month with you, Nathan. I think you're wrapping me a little more around each finger every day.

BTW, don't be fooled too much by your friendliness. Sometimes you're kind of mean.

Nathan Takes Over

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paula said...

Glad to see Nathan is having fun. Clapping rocks. Except at 4am. Any video of him bouncing on his butt?