Kisses and Kisses and More Kisses

Paul and I are always kissing Nathan. Always. We kiss him when he wakes up, when he goes to sleep, when he is being cute, when he is being good, when he's just kissable. I'm the worst offender, firing off kisses over each of his cheeks and on his nose whenever I damn well feel like it. But Paul gets his share of kisses in.

Daddy and Nathan Time

About two weeks ago, we think he started to catch on. He started to lean in to me when my mouth was near him, and open his own mouth, and stick out his tongue, often licking my lips rather hilariously (or disgustingly if you're not a parent yourself). Paul and my mom tried to get 'kisses' out of him, but he would only do it with me. And, he would only kiss about 5% of the time. Then, last week, he tried to 'kiss' his cousin. I was well chuffed about it. (And oddly, the phrase 'well chuffed' just came to me. I had to look it up to make sure I hadn't made up a new word in my head.)

Well, today, he was all about the kissing at the grocery store. I would lean down, he'd open his mouth, a little like this, only less sideways.

Whatcha Doing?

Then, we'd kiss, and I'd laugh and giggle and clap like a moron in the middle of whatever aisle we were in. Do all parents appear idiotic when with their children or is it just me?

When we got home, Paul came in and he gave his daddy a few kisses. I think as soon as he learns to close his mouth and pucker, we can call the kiss mastered!

Not mastered: crawling. He still drags himself. He manages forward motion, especially when toys are out of reach, and he gets onto his knees, but he doesn't get up. He just drags. I'm a little upset about this. Is this a failing on my part?

Lastly, he now like to share his paccy.

This One Goes Out To Mary

Yesterday, I was sleeping next to him during a nap. We both awoke, and I yawned, and he shoved his pacifier backwards into my mouth.


Jessica said...

You know, Ethan didn't start crawling (at all) until like 3 days before he started walking. He was already pulling himself up and cruising, and all, long before he was crawling. Now he crawls sometimes. Now that he can walk and run and dance (sort of). And I don't know about all parents, but I look ridiculous when I'm out with Ethan.

Helen said...

Heh, good one, kitten. I have told at least 4 people about Nathan sharing pacifiers.