Dear Audience

Do you ever wonder what I do when I don't blog? Sometimes, for people I'm interested in, when they don't blog, I wonder why. Are they doing terribly interesting things that day/week/month/year? Are they off making successes of themselves? Have they failed? I recently read a blog post from a woman whose child reached four months, and she just gave up blogging. Couldn't do it anymore. Her job and her child took over her life and she had one free hour of life a day which she devoted to reading. I couldn't blame her. When I was working full time and driving home to Nathan, I was hectic. I didn't want to be near computers at all. On the other hand, I read the blog of a woman who stopped blogging because she had succeeded in starting a business.

This weekend was a very busy one for me. Paul, the Nate-bomb (he's a bomb of cuteness), and I drove down to Maryland. Technically, Paul drove, and Nathan and I snored. On the way back, I drove, and Nathan and Paul slept peacefully. We went down for Draftsgivings Day 2009. It is a day of delicious delicious delicious Philadelphia Sports. I believe everyone attending was in some sort of Philadelphia sports gear. Nathan busted out his Phillies outfit, Paul and I suited up in Flyers shirts. Sadly, the Flyers hate us. The day included a lot of coffee for me.

Today, we all went to Lilly's Baek-Il and Nathan had a hell of a time. It was discovered that he loved shrimp. He'd clap mightily any time he ate so much as a tidbit. He also stood, all on his own, for a few seconds. It was amazing to me. He's going to be walking so soon and I can't even deal with it. I want him to be my baby forever and he's just growing so quickly.

A note for myself, on Friday night, Talena, family, and Nathan, and I went to dinner. I gave Nathan some chocolate mousse. I've never seen Nathan so excited in my life ever. Before hand, he'd smack his lips watching the spoon come to him. As it was about to reach him, he'd break into a gorgeous laugh. After every bite, he'd clap wildly and look at the spoon, waiting for it to dip into the chocolate. I'm going to make mousse for him just so he loves me so much.

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