Hey, Is This Blog On?

The answer is yes.  Yes, the blog is still being considered and written to.  I have five draft posts that I'm currently unsure if I should post.  They are all sentimental or thoughtful and I don't think that is what I do best, but I still kind of want to put out there.  For example, I have a letter I wrote to my son prior to my daughter being born and a piece on how I feel about being a "mommy".  I'm not sure if they are meant for this blog, or to be written out and put in notes to my children for them to discover one day.

Additionally, a change might be coming to our lives and though that change would be temporary, it's still leaving me afloat in a sea of confusion and planning. 

So, I guess my question is, should I also blog the non-funny and non-crafty?  Do you want to hear about my legitimate (non-crazy) worries and thoughts?

(Crazy thought of the day -- spent ten minutes planning my attack on the game show Supermarket Sweep which no longer exists.  Everyone on that show was always crazy to pick up turkeys for some weird reason.  Why didn't people just go to the make-up aisle?  That stuff is both expensive AND small!)


Helen said...

You know I'm reading you, Wazowski.... always reading.

(Realization: that Monsters, Inc. onesie I saw at Target this winter was clearly the gear-up for Monsters U.)

Also, what do you think of this sweater? said...

Please Kitten write about anything! I'd love some non baby talk!

I also loved super market sweep! I'm lol over this! I remember 5 turkey limit. That show was great!

It's nice to hear from you...

Gloria Signes said...

I'm always reading, though seldom commenting, and I enjoy whatever you choose to post. (I also sent you an email a while back via the blog ... but perhaps it got lost somewhere in the series of tubes...)

Unknown said...

Write away, lady!

mermaids said...

it's your blog... write what you want. my blog is struggling to come back to life. for a long time, sewing just wasn't happening. blogging about sewing certainly wasn't on the agenda.

sometimes, real life creeps in and that's ok.

Kitten said...

@Helen, sequel to Nemo is in the works. Did you hear?! I'm pretty excited, but still want an Incredibles sequel. Also, I've rebuilt my Pixar top 5 now that I've watched each film approximately five billion times.

@April, the early episodes of the show had NO limits on poultry. It was mad. They'd grab poultry like crazy.

@Gloria, Now I feel guilt. I will reply to your email which I categorized as "take care of later when I feel like I have time." Also, emails from one of my friends I haven't seen in a year. I'm the worst.

@Amanda, I will.

@Mermaids, I loved when you sewed a ton because you were so clearly talented with it. I think if you had mastered the crazy photography some of the other blogs had, you could have been one of those bloggers that has about a thousand followers. I do think about your leg pain once in a while. I still don't know how you do it.