Who Is The Funniest, Most Wonderful Person You Know?

I like for my daughter to laugh with and at me, obviously.  Like all besotted parents, I attempt to make her laugh every day for quite a bit of time.  When N was this age, I was the only one who could consistently make him laugh.  He'd bat his eyes at me and smile at me and giggle and coo with me.  N2 views me as a food delivery system that likes to hang with her brother.
I sat there watching them and trying to make her laugh.  Failure, failure.  A few small smiles that indicated that she was trying to please me, perhaps.  N looked at her, screamed, "ICE CREAM" for no apparent reason other than he wished to discuss one of his favorite foods, and he laughed.  She, in turn, snorted at him with laughter. 

If I sound bitter, I assure you I'm not.  I'm actually trying to build a closeness between them. I encourage N to believe that she finds him the swellest thing that ever existed.  In turn, he then spends more time trying to make her laugh or play.  In the beginning, this was a failure because she'd stare at both of us like we had two heads (times two).  He'd lose interest and go play with his toys.  Now?  She laughs, he laughs, she laughs, he laughs.  Eventually one of them gets tired and starts to cry.

In other news, one little girl managed to sit for the first time without support for a second or two.  She has also rolled over (back to front pretty consistently, then she just cries).  She's finally, finally, starting to view the food I'm eating with some vague interest.  I let her lick a peach I was eating and she gave me "Why are you giving me battery acid?" face.  I gave her a tiny bit (literally a piece about a third of a centimeter in diameter) of breading and she tried spitting it out.  I know I'm not doing the standard "start with purees and only go through them in this manner" but I'm not good at following food rules. 

Also, in other news, N is starting to understand things we say a lot more, but he's also hilariously incompetent at grasping concepts I'm introducing at times like hypothetical situations.  I was trying to describe someone who cuts in line and why and how they are unfair.  I used an analogy that described N eating candy he should not have eaten.  N thought about this for half a minute before piping up to say, "I'm sorry, mommy."  I looked at him, confused, "For what?"  He looked at me sadly, "For eating the candy.  I didn't mean to."  Then I apologized to him and explained how he hadn't eaten any candy.  But I think P and I laughed pretty hard about the whole thing.  The problem is I often talk to N like I'm talking to a friend instead of a child.  I forget that he doesn't understand concepts or words I use until he asks about them.  He has finally gotten a slight grasp of basic sarcasm and will ask me if I'm teasing when I'm sarcastic.  I nod yes and he tells me to stop teasing, and we move along.

I wonder if N2 is going to grasp everything more quickly because N is there to walk her through it, or more slowly, because N is there to protect her from needing to do things.

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I love the photo of the Ns!! More please!

You are such a great and funny mom Kitten! You make me want to get moving on #2... Scary!

Also I've asked Mrs Loquacious to guest blog about "baby led weaning". It's more of a break the rules and don't bother with purees approach. Hopefully I will have it to post in Friday.

Kitten said...

Oooo! I can't wait to see that blog post. I read her blog a bit and saw that she fed her child an orange and I was intrigued!