television i watch(ed), part i


Beware of spoilers. I'm discussing the first three seasons of this show in full. Leave now if you haven't seen all of the seasons.

Okay, I know you know about this show. Everyone does. People on Antarctica are asking each other what the hell is up with that smoke monster. Fish on the ocean floor wonder why they don't have the Dharma initiative logo on their butts. Somewhere, in space, aliens are beeping and bipping at each other about how Jack should just get over himself.

Maybe you are like me and you've already sort of, kind of stopped caring. For instance, you found all of second season to be a wash, and you kind of wondered when Locke stopped being a bad ass, so you just kind of shut Lost out of your life. You didn't miss it, either. You were glad it and its lousy writing and its sucky plotting and Kate and Jack and Sawyer were gone from your life.

Then, one day, you were flipping through TIVO's "Now Playing" and you realized you forgot to remove your season pass or your husband wouldn't let go of the ghost. Just as you were about to remove it, you recalled how incredibly awesome Sayid was, and you told yourself you'd watch an episode just to catch up on him and see if he's getting any new non-Shannon tail (and she was cool too, now that you recall that). Then, BAM, you're back in it. You do't want to be. You still hate Jack and Kate, but you just wish you had some damn answers. You don't get them even when you watch the next four episodes in a row.

In fact, after you watch the Season 3 finale, you're left with more questions than answers, and a larger annoyance with Jack. (Really, does anyone like him? Do you? I might not like you if you like Jack. That's just a warning.) However, you already know that you're probably going to tune in for just a few moments of Season 4 because the powers that be cancelled Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars and left you with no shows to watch. (Bastards.) The writers might not be able to do dialogue, but they sure know how to leave you with questions you want answers to.

Rating: 5/10 (7/10 if you take away Season 2 and early Season 3)

Other's Opinions:

Paul -- Hates that this show has suckered him into caring. Has been known to call Jack a tool when Jack appears on his screen. At first, I thought maybe I managed to bludgeon Paul into my opinion of Jack, but Paul normally condescends when I hate a character, so I must assume that Jack actually sucks.

Cool premise
Locke (in early seasons)
Sawyer (in the last episode I watched)

No answers to your questions ever
Charlie (but he bit it and didn't suck in the end)

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