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Gilmore Girls

There's a good chance you've seen this show at least once if you're female and have a sense of humor. You might not have cared for it, or you might have thought that one of the leads (Alexis Bledal) is a whiny brat, or you might have been convinced that the Gilmore Girls suck as friends. You're probably all around right, but I still loved this show for a season or two.

It was perfect in the beginning. The Gilmore Girls were funny, they had time for their friends, their relationships with each other and those they cared about were strong, and Dean seemed like the MOST perfect boyfriend EVER.

After that season, I asked if it could stay that good. It couldn't. It quickly became obvious that the true love story of the show was between Luke and Lorelei rather than Rory and Dean (or Rory and Jess or Rory and whoever the hell she's dating). Unfortunately, Amy Sherman-Palladino had to keep them apart so that the sexual tension/witty banter was still there. She also had to do it realistically.

Unfortunately, Amy is not a master of plotting. She's a terrific writer. The dialogue is fast, furious, pop-culture reference heavy, and funny. She's just not a great plotter and it showed more and more as the series went on. However, she's certainly more than passable with it in early Gilmore Girls.

I'll say right now that it's obvious that Amy loves books and musics and movies and it shows in the dialogue between characters. The dialogue and the beautiful acting of Lauren Graham make the show worth it.

Also, Kirk. Give this series a watch on DVD.

Rating: 8/10 (but only for the first three seasons, with a 8/10 or 9/10 for the first season)

Other's Opinions:

Paul -- Disliked Jess and began to wonder if my hatred of Dean was some kind of commentary on Paul himself. Thinks Lorelei is hot. Is totally correct -- Lauren Graham had hot hair and hot clothes in every single one of the first three season episodes.

  • Lauren Graham and her comic timing
  • Luke
  • Cute clothing all the time in this show
  • Jess had funny looking hair, but was hot. This made it easy for me to slip into love of Peter Petrelli.

  • Alexis Bledel was no match for Lauren Graham
  • Rory is a whiny baby after first season
  • Dean who is a possessive stalkerish boyfriend eventually marries another woman and sleeps with Rory anyway.

    Interesting Side-notes:

    Being an ex-boyfriend of Rory is a good career jumping off point for a WB actor. "Dean", "Jess", and "Tristan" have all gone on to different shows which are doing relatively well.
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