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Pirates of the Carribean 3

While walking out of this film, my friend Steven said, "I don't know why everyone is so down on this movie. It had its faults, but I liked it." Well said, Steven. I agree like no one's business. Sure, the movie was too long. Sure, I hate the character of Will Turner and Elizabeth's decision to marry him. Sure, the whole Calypso crap went nowhere.

But it was fun and stylish and silly and FUN, unlike the end of so many blockbuster trilogies I've seen. Spiderman 3 was "eh". X-Men 3 made me die a little inside. Pirates 3? I laughed a bit, smiled a lot, and just enjoyed the ride. (PUN TOTALLY F'ING INTENDED.)

I'd recommend that if you want some brainless entertainment, you check it out. It's over the top, but, damn it, it's a movie about pirates. It's supposed to be over the top. If anything, not over the top enough -- where were the ninjas?

So, go to the movie. Try not to fall asleep during Will's scenes. Try to pretend the Calypso plot goes somewhere or doesn't just fizzle out. Go with all the crazy plot twists and fights and weirdness. Laugh when you realize how the most awesome character is Barbossa. On the other hand, feel free to boo when Elizabeth and Will kiss. That's some annoying shit. I'm still campaigning for less romance in my movies.

Other's Opinions:

Paul -- Liked it a lot. Thought it was fun. Recommends for all people.
Steven -- Liked it a lot. Wondered why it got bad reviews.
Helen -- Felt the second and third movie brought the first one down. Wonders why they didn't stunt cast more for the pirate lords.

Whispered Aside Made During Movie:

"You see, if those were ninjas? The pirates would totally be losing."

My rating: 6/10
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 47%

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Pixiepurls said...

I saw it, it was boring and dumb. It was beutiful visually and Johnny Depp is always brilliant. I would not ever rent it again or buy it on dvd. Crap plot, pretty special effects lol!