Weekly Roundup

  • Had mastitis over the weekend, on the date of N's fourth birthday party.  It was terrific.  First I woke up with chills so bad that I went outside and laid on my mom's driveway like a lizard warming myself.  Then, I took another nap and woke up so feverish my mom looked slightly horrified.  Basically forced N2 to nurse off the affected breast every three seconds and emptied it in the shower twice a day.  Still like nursing, but that was not good.
  • Someone asked me over this weekend if I had read Fifty Shades of Grey.  Reacted like they had asked if I was a serial killer.  Perhaps I would have reacted less violently if they had actually asked me if I was a serial killer.  Think my exact words were, "Do I look like I read Twilight bondage fanfic?  Is that what you think of me?"  I'd like you all to note that I said that and I do read fanfic, though not bondage fanfic.  Can't wait to see which search results get to my page now!
  • N got a Batmobile, Mjölnir, Captain America's shield, and the Millennium Falcon for his birthday.  I feel like if he gets more geeky before the age of five, we should all be worried.
  • N's godparents (and our good friends) came to visit us.  It was fantastic.  Our children played, we chatted and ate, and people were merry.
  • My next door neighbor and N's beloved faux grandfather got word that he has cancer.  He smoked over sixteen years ago and just developed this cancer.  With that and my step-father's lung cancer which developed ten years after quitting, I plan on reiterating "no smoking" to my children every month for the rest of their lives.  
  • A friend said cleaning her kitchen made her feel like Sisyphus.  At least that bastard's loved ones were not the ones pushing the rock back down the hill.
So, saying all this -- what's up with my readers?  I miss talking to you all!

4 comments: said...

Mastitis!!! I'm terrified if that. Are you felling better? I'm doing well. Me, dad and dude passed the sickies back and forth all last week. Now all three if us just have a cough.

I'm still looking for work, though I love being home to feed Ollie on demand. And that's it!

I miss hearing from you too. XX

marlie said...

I've heard that mastitis is just miserable. I really, really hope that you recover from it soon; I hate the idea of you feeling so terrible! :(

As for 50 Shades of Grey, I have no intention of reading it. According to people whose literary opinions I trust, it's a poorly written bunch of crap. And then I actually heard on the radio from someone who's into BDSM that the author got it all wrong, and has misinterpreted and misrepresented the whole practice.

So from what I can tell, two thumbs down from the (ahem) experts.

Angie said...

Oh, no!! hope you're feeling better now. I thought I was going to die the two times I got it.

Kitten said...

Wow, everyone wants to chat about mastitis! I am not feverish anymore, nor do my breasts hurt so I think I got off really lightly on that and got hit hard with the sinus infection instead. That's probably best because I hate fevers pretty badly. I'd rather be stuffed up and coughing any day of the week.

I was all ready to get an antibiotic for this, but my doctor told me I would have to go see my gyno and I didn't feel like doing that. Plus, I really really really forced N2 to nurse like crazy on the affected breast and, like I said, I used my shower time to empty that breast somewhat fierce. After the first two days where first my nipple would hurt while feeding and then I could feel a painful lump in my breast and extraordinary pain during letdown, I went back to somewhat painful breast and now I'm back to my normal pain levels.

April, I really hope you find a job soon. I hate that this happened to you. What lousy timing. :( I read that and was horrified for you.

Marlon, 50 shades of grey seems to be popular with the crowd that doesn't read a lot.