How Sick Is Kitten?!

Today was hideous.  I mostly slept, but occasionally I would wake to hallucinate or eat.  I'll admit it was an unusual sick day in that I was starving whenever I awoke, but I was still pretty damned sick.  If you are slightly worried about my hallucinations, I'd advise you not to be too worried.  I simply start to see things out of the corners of my eyes.  It normally happens when I take liquid cold medicine and I'm extremely sick.  Everything about the day begins to take on a hazy quality where in I'm unsure if anything I'm doing or seeing is real.  It made for a fun drive to my mom's house (where she watched my children and let me continue my sleep healing).  I basically dug my nails into my arms and asked N to keep up a constant stream of chatter while I sucked down a large coffee.  Occasionally, I'd ask if something I was seeing was real.  "N, there is a car turned around on the Turnpike in front of me.  Do you see it too?"  "Yes, mommy, and cops coming!"  "Good, good.  Do you see the other car driving backwards on the other side of the road?"  "Yes, why it do that?"  "No clue." 

I did realize how sick I was last night when I awoke today to find that my sink was full of dirty dishes.  Here is the scale of how sick I am using my household cleaning status at nightfall:

Bed is unmade, both hampers are full, toys are all around, sink is full of dirty dishes (and dishwasher is still not full) -- Kitten is probably in the hospital.  If not, she should be.

Bed is made, but hampers are full.  Toys are out in living room and children's bedroom.  Sink is partially filled with dishes, but dishwasher is full --  Kitten is really sick.  Get her some sleep and some medicine.

Bed is made, hampers are partially filled.  Toys are out in children's bedroom.  Sink has one or two big pans in it and dishwasher is full -- Kitten is probably just tired, but she might have a mild cold.  Also, this happens during early or late pregnancy.

Bed is made, hampers have a few items in them, toys are away, sink is clean -- Kitten is plotting how to get kitchen table clean, worrying about the state of the kitchen floor and the bathroom sink, and is fully healthy.

Do any of you hallucinate when sick?  Also if anyone has seen an episode of a live action show about Alice In Wonderland that was about cough drops -- it would have aired in the early morning of the mid nineties, you'd be doing me a favor if you told me so.  I'm still trying to determine if I hallucinated that or not.

2 comments: said...

I'm sorry you are so sick. I'm also sorry that I'm lol at you!! Oh my goodness! I don't hallucinate but the hubs tells me he does. When we were all sick last week he told me he was sure a man was standing in the living room. Scary!
I also cannot confirm the live action Alice... Oh I hope you are on the men's soon!


bookwormbethie said...

oh i hope you feel better soon, thanks again for stopping by my blog to tell me a book that i would like, glad to see you have a new beautiful baby added to your family!