Random Thoughts I've Thought Today

I realized today that I wanted to catalog some of the things I've been thinking.
  • I'm so over mending.  Maybe I should just pre-patch the knees on N's pants?
  • I didn't really care for the latest Superman movie, but that one scene in which he goes into space and he can everyone and their problems but he can't save them all was super awesome and stuck in my mind.  Why can't they explore that weakness in a storyline?  They glossed right over it.
  • Can two ounces of formula really mess up N2's digestive system this badly?
  • I wonder if I'll like these boots from Gap kids if I get them.  They only cost fifteen dollars.  It's probably worth it.  I hope a size three fits me.
  • Why don't I like the header text on this page that Helen sent me?  I can't pinpoint it and now I'm frustrated.
  • I get angry when I can't keep up with P when we watch Jeopardy together.  I hope that in a few years, N can enjoy Jeopardy with us rather than screaming over it with questions.
  • It makes me laugh pretty hard when N sings to himself, "Radio killed the video star" or he asks for the firefly song.  I'm glad he has good musical taste, but his interpretations of the music he hears makes me even happier.
  • I miss playing D&D.
  • By the time I have time to play Skyrim, a newer and better game will come along.
That's a snapshot of my thoughts.   As you can see, I'm both boring and dorky.  As a warning to all of you peeps, if your husband gives your newborn formula after they have only had breastmilk for a month or so (thus allowing you an extra hour and a half of sleep), your child will both be peeved and fussy about receiving the formula bottle, and they will be constipated for hours.  Sigh.


Helen said...

How the nav looks, or the content of the front page header, or something else? Give me a call or we can have a video chat or something. said...

Oh no! Formula! Yay for hubs wanting you to sleep. Thoughtful and kind. Booo for bubs belly. Not so kind.

I like your dorky thoughts. I loved the one about superman... I have thoughts about improving mainstream media daily too!