Month Two

My little girl is two months old.  I might have just cried about that.  How is she getting bigger so quickly?

She's got an official nickname from N and I.  We sing it to her as we take care of her throughout the day.  N has not yet let go of his jealousy, but as she smiles more at him, he likes her more.  She is certainly willing to smile at N.  I will admit, the fact that she won't stop staring at me makes my heart go pitter-pat.  As I walk around the room, it doesn't matter who holds her or plays with her, she tries to look at me and I love her.

I take many iPhone pics and videos of the baby girl and I try to get out the video camera and SLR too.  No need to put her into therapy one day because N has fifteen billion times the photos/videos of him.

She is getting chubby too!  She gained two and a half pounds this last month.  Pretty good for a little baby I initially believed I was starving.  We got through her six week growth spurt and it was a bit painful, but once past that, it's gotten a bit easier.  She does love to eat, though.

She coos like a crazy person, often holding conversations with me.  We play silly games like "ka-pow" and peekaboo and "kiss attack".  Kiss attack is a personal fav (it involves me pointing to my lips, yelling kiss attack, and making kissing noises as I near her), but she likes peekaboo a bit more.  Ka-pow doesn't get many smiles from her, but it makes me nearly snort, so we keep playing it.  "What are you going to do to the boys who treat you badly?  You get up all in their business and go 'ka-pow' 'ka-pow' with your fists."  We accompany that with me helping her to punch these imaginary boys.

I'll admit, I find peekaboo kind of boring, but it's gotten the sound closest to a laugh, so we play it a LOT.  N likes to imitate these games I play or he then likes to play them with me.  Watching him ka-pow with her is hysterical.  Watching him play peekaboo with me is also hysterical. 

She's also starting to grab my clothes while she nurses, clutching onto me for dear life.  I kiss her fingers while she does this.  I've become one of those crazy women who loves nursing.  I feel like I should join LLL or something. 

That's my two month update on N2, otherwise known as the strawberry cake baby or the cupcake princess.  (N has a series of his own nicknames that he refuses to share with her that has forced me to be a little more creative with N2's names.)


angie said...

I love that smile...she's adorable! said...

Oh Kitten she is besutiful!!! You need lots of ka pow lessons!! You and dad will be fighting boys off regularly!!