Newborn N2 Is Becoming Just Baby N2

I love my new baby.  I should just put that out there.  And I want her to grow and be healthy and big and happy.

However, she's already finding the newborn clothing a bit tight and I keep thinking to myself, "I'm going to weep like a crazed loon as she grows out of stuff".  Because my husband and I only ever planned for two babies so this is the last time I'll hold a baby this small that is mine, mine, mine.  And considering the health issues I have with having babies and the weeping and wailing I do right up until they arrive, that seems like a wise choice.  But damn it...  sometimes, when I am holding her tight to me and thinking about how tiny she seems right now and how big she'll get, I think to myself that three children isn't so many.

Feel free to leave links to your favorite crazed ninja kitten pregnancy post to remind me that two children are the perfect amount of children.


Helen said...

I'll go with , where you still have 10 weeks to go! Second place (#1 if you had asked for your top anxiety post, not pregnancy-hating post) is

Just remember, you have to fight the "this is the last newborn of mine I will ever snuggle" battle at some point, or you end up with 6 babies!

marlie said...

Would it be terrible of me to say "see how you feel about having babies in another 2-3 years"? Re-read your blog THEN, and decide!