Why I Got Suckered Into A Second Child

Many people, knowing how miserable pregnancy is for me, wondered why I would choose to have a second child.  Here's the thing -- pregnancy is miserable, but my recovery and babies are amazing.  Here's some interesting facts from week 2 of this recovery:
  • I'm only two pounds heavier than my starting weight.
  • I no longer look even vaguely pregnant -- I'm fitting into more than half of my pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • My child is showing inclinations of sleeping through the night -- N2 likes to put her long sleeps together in the evening.
  • I stopped bleeding about a week after the C-section and it was never heavy.
  • I have stopped needing my meds for pain.
  • Breastfeeding appears to be a go, and I'm managing the pain for that fairly well right now.
  • I feel good, if tired.
  • My son appears to love his sister, or as he calls her, "My baby".
  • My husband appears to be in love with his daughter and taking great care of his son.
  • He also appears to be in love with me even though I've been a miserable jerk for months now.
  • TMI, but I beat out constipation this C-section.  In your face, pain meds.
  • And I've successfully breastfeed in public already! 
Now that I've discussed these things, of course everything will go to hell in a handbasket, but this is why I've got two children and why sometimes the call of a third sounds less like craziness and more like a plan. Then I remember how I spent the last four weeks of my second pregnancy whimpering.  I must remember that whimpering.  Also, the lack of sleep.  Luckily I'm not formula feeding this time, or I think we might definitely be considering a third.  But I really love and miss sleep.

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