Breastfeeding - Help Me

Okay, men, feel free to skip this post. Other breastfeeding moms, when does the cluster feeding end? Which week? And how do I get my right breast's milk production going? It is vastly outclassed by my crazy milk making left breast. Like half an ounce difference I'm betting.

Other than that, I'm laying (lying?!) on the couch with N2 while P and N nap. We are all happy and I miss blogging.


Helen said...

Always start and end with the underproductive breast -- you (and N) will be tempted to focus on the other side because it's easier and faster, but the only way to get production up is more stimulation on the recalcitrant side.

The cluster feeding will be an on-and-off thing through the first 12 weeks. If it's happening more than once a week at this point, though, it may be something else (like she's nursing to soothe herself to sleep or just pacify in general.) It's ok to give yourself a break, hand her off to Paul, and see if she can be soothed by other means. But it will be easier for him to do it than you, since she will fuss, "no, no no! just give me some more milk!"

Helen said...

Also, if you're having pain in the right, you could be underproducing because of clogged ducts. Take a hot shower and massage your breast while you stand facing the water.

I only went a couple of times, but breastfeeding support groups are great for this stuff. Bring the babe, ask women questions, hear what's bugging everyone else.... The one at PA hospital is free, open to all, and Monday at 11:30 (I think.) There are probably others closer to you, too.