I Love That You Hate Pregnancy, Kitten, Who Else Does?

I like to read blogs from people who aren't cheery about pregnancy. It makes me feel less alone in the universe. I spend most of my time bitter that I'm not cherishing these last moments of having a small squirming kicking baby inside of me. Will I one day regret not loving these last few weeks more? I'm already thinking of this baby outgrowing the tiny tutu I just bought her and I weep. (Of course, there is little I don't weep at nowadays. Seriously, you should see me weep. I cry like a baby over most everything. Yesterday I cried because my laundry hamper was too full. The day before I read the title of a book that made another mom cry.) But, I don't think of not being pregnant sadly.

Anyway, if you want to read some stuff from other people who are pregnancy averse, I recommend Tired of Being Pregnant. You know this chick is hardcore. She registered a domain dedicated to her pregnancy dislike.

If you don't want another blog to follow, how about a single post talking about pregnancy's suckitude in a rather hilarious manner. It compares it to cat harnesses. To quote a tiny section of it:
Pregnancy is a red harness that the world is trying to convince me is the greatest thing I will ever experience, when in reality it's a soul crushing tether which represents 9 months worth of me being dragged through the grass with my limbs limp and my mouth pathetically hanging open in a daze of horror.
Sing it, sister.

Come back soon for my growing horror at the idea of a return C-section, my guilt over turning my nose up at blood thinning shots, and my absolute hatred of all people who have a pile of clean clothes and a crib ready prior to week thirty-seven.  Frankly, I think we're just going to let this baby sleep on the floor at this point.


Unknown said...

Well, more than 3 years after my last HATED IT pregnancy, I can say from this side of things that you never do miss being pregnant or regret having hated it. :D You're just so happy that you'll never be pregnant again. As much as I hate having my cycle, each month I have a little happy moment when I realize that fact.

Kitten said...

I have to admit, I envy the women who seem to love pregnancy. I feel like it must make these months so much more special rather than a period just to be gotten over.

I did forget this period where the baby is pressing on the stomach so much that throwing up becomes common again. Sigh. Such a sucky period of my life.