Lantern Moon, It Is The Bestest

Remember last year when I bought those ridiculously expensive Lantern Moon needles at Salty Yarns down at the shore? I've used them for about a quarter of one project and three quarters of another and, so far, two of them have snapped. I'm not even going to lie, I possibly wept when the second one was found in the bottom of my purse, having fallen out of both my knitting and my knitting bag. Unlike the Clover needles I previously used, these Lantern Moon have been beautiful, pointy, and smoother, allowing the yarn to be easily picked up and slid down them. I loved these needles.

Well, just yesterday, I wrote to them to ask how much an individual Sox Stix would cost since I just can't afford to waste money on new rosewood needles, though I did not say it that way. They told me that all of their needles are guaranteed! All I had to do was tell them which ones I was missing and they'd send replacements.

Oh, my heart. I now have an excuse to purchase Lantern Moon needles. I won't feel badly about the investment.


Unknown said...

In my experience, needle companies are pretty good about replacing broken parts at no cost. Which reminds me, I have to contact KP customer service for the umpteenth time since yet another cable is coming out of its join. *sigh*

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Now that's a happy ending!

Kitten said...

@Ms. Knitpicky, in my experience of asking companies, I'm two for two in getting good service, but I really wasn't expecting it from Lantern Moon for some reason.

@MicheleLB, Thank you for stopping by. I see you blog for Lantern Moon! Their stuff is so pretty. <3