Ugh. This has been a good month with bad things happening in it. First, it costs a fair bit to buy presents and throw a party for a little boy. When combined with two trips we plan to take this summer, upcoming school for N, and other financial changes, I'm feeling pinched when it comes to finances and it sucks.

It sucks because I want to buy things like yarn and needles, or fabric, or books, or other things that I enjoy and I won't. Worse, I haven't bought clothes in months now and shoes in years. I get money and I immediately allocate it to something hobby wise or coffee wise or to getting N stuff.

I've decided to take some steps re: this. I'm going to stop drinking Starbucks so much. It's killing me even in theory, but those Mocha Coconut Fraps add up both cost wise and calorie wise. I'm going to stop buying so much food for N when we're out. He'll need to learn to brown bag it a little more often. And I'm going to stop buying stupid small things that I want like a new more expensive shampoo or cute little cups for N. Perhaps if I stopped buying them, I could afford some new shoes once in a while.

And now, I'm here to tell you with this depressing financial statement, I think I'm back to blogging. My book blog is actually flourishing, and it's making me feel helpful about my family and craft blogs, which I've finally decided to combine. Also, it is a free hobby. So, wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Best of luck!

And don't worry about "whining." I've been working on a similar life change for months now, and I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Change can be really rough until we learn to live differently.

Kitten said...

Thank you. It is REALLY hard to break this habit. For instance, today, I wanted a Frap from Starbucks. I combated it by making my own coffee it at home and by visiting the gym (and telling myself that consuming the Mocha Frap would more than ruin that gym visit!)

In Sept, I've decided I'm taking over the family finances and doling out an allowance to my husband. It'll be more work for me, but he needs the break and I need the constant reminder of our finances.