Ring, Ring, Ring, God Calling!


The picture has nothing to do with the story, but what is a blog entry without a photo?

We've been to church with N many times recently and N is very concerned with who God is and what he does and where he lives and whether he is good or not. (I'll be honest here, just between us, my blog readers, and say we did not go very regularly for awhile before that and that my own faith and beliefs are a work in progress. My husband is definitely the more faithful of the two of us and I believe a better person morally.) We've told N in simplistic terms that God loves him, the church is one of His houses, and that God is very good and he created everything. After church last week, we came home and P and N gardened together.

P came in a little later to tell me that the little man had been pretending to talk on the phone for a short bit and that he hung up when P got close. When P asked who N had been talking to, N answered simply, "God." P was a little surprised but asked what God had to say. N replied, "He said thanks for coming to church and it was good to see me."

So, you know, N has a direct line to God apparently. Maybe N can get some answers for me.

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