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I realized I haven't posted about N here in a long time, and that is silly. I was posting monthly (or trying to) when all he did was stare at me and say "goo", but now that he's doing everything under the sun, I have nothing to say?

As you might not be aware, this winter was hellish. Suffice to say that my son has asthma attacks when he gets a cold or infection. I was awaiting spring, and the return of my husband from his job up north, and for the endless rounds of colds to end. We came out of it with a bang, N, Paul, and I all got a horrible cold at the end of April.
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Some things to chat about? Nathan is nearly two years old and he has barely forty words, if that, under his belt. I'd be worried, but about ten words of those forty came within the last four days, I think, so I'm rapidly calming down now. His words are: Go, Mom, Dad, car, moon, blue, stop, sun, cow, moo, cat, meow, neigh (horse's sound), roar, duck (pronounced guck), clock, shoe, bus, please, catfood (one word to him), tea, coffee, vacuum, paccy (short for pacifier), play, sit, poop, girl, balloon, walt, dot (the last two are our neighbors), book, and ball. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but I'll add more to this site, as they come or as I remember them. The most surprising additions have come recently when he called a lion a "Roar" and answered that same word to "What does a tiger say?" When he answered the word "neigh" to what does a horse say, I nearly fell over.
No Pedaling

We are also taking tumbling classes and have been for several weeks. He's made some amazing advances due to the class, including learning how to jump and attempting to sing along with the alphabet song. He loves the balance beam, of all things, and willingly walks along it many times. He likes the inclined rock wall, and the bouncy horses as well. He tolerates the bars after watching the girls of the class swing like little monkeys. He likes the way he gets a stamp on his hand after the class too, which is funny since the first few times he wouldn't take the stamp until I did. He attempts to somersault quite often!

Last week, the teachers played a 'game' in which they held up a wedge shaped mat and ask the children to run at it to knock it over. (Of course, in reality, the teachers gently moved the mat to the floor and held the child to make sure that they didn't hurt themselves.) Nathan screamed shrilly each time another child made contact with the mat and would promptly try to launch himself from my lap directly at the mat. When it came to his turn, he ran screaming at it. He took several turns very enthusiastically.

All in all, my little baby is becoming a small boy. Of course, he still knows he's my baby.

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