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So, OMG, I miss you! No, I totally do. I love to talk, talk, talk. If you ever meet me in person (and haven't already), you'll be like, "Liar." Because when I first meet a person, I normally just stare at them suspiciously and maybe give a few nervous laughs or sentences here or there. But, then, after a while, when we become friends, you'll be all, "Okay, shut up. I've heard that story fifty times before, Kitten."

Part of having a blog if fulfilling this need to chatter on about nothingness. When I don't blog, it all builds up until when I talk to friends, I start to just babble about anything and nothing. When Paul calls me at night, I jabber on about dreams I've had, thoughts I have about television shows I've seen, books I've read, pictures I've edited for Flickr, et cetera. By posting to the blog, I get a small part of that nervous chatter out of me and it leaves me calmer. Sometimes, when I don't post to this blog, and then suddenly I post elsewhere, I spill all my stories out there. Like, Helen went on her honeymoon, and she said I could post a recipe to her food blog. I did, and then I chattered on and on about my obsession with eating ice! (So obsessed with eating ice, guys!) Mind you, that post was edited down from my original twenty billion paragraphs about eating ice and my pregnancy. It really was that long. Okay, not literally, but...

Anyway, I thought I should post to get back into the hang of things. Since I'm crafting about zero hours a week due to another cold invading our house, I thought I'd blog some of the links I've been saving up!

Let's start with three links for babies!

I always dream of the day I have a little girl I can dress up with homemade knits and sewn items. I know it'll never happen. First, I want a little girl to dress up too much, which means that should I have more children, they will definitely all be male. Second, if I have a girl, I'll just spend my life savings on items from all the cutest stores because I can't even walk by Janie and Jack now without looking at their adorable dresses for little baby girls. However, I admire and envy mothers who do this very thing. For instance, Little Purl of the Orient makes her daughters the cutest sweaters ever. She probably makes beautiful sugar cookies too and throws awesome birthday parties!

One of the things I don't want to do for a baby, but wish I knew someone who would do, is make modern gorgeous baby quilts. Look at Sew Inspired's mermaid quilt. I love the colors, I love the theme, and I love Heather Ross fabrics. If I saw this baby in real life, I would totally steal its quilt. Sorry, baby.

Now, in case you don't have a girl, like me, you're probably wondering, don't moms on the internet ever make stuff for their boys? The answer is clearly no, but I'm going to lie to you and say yes. For instance, they can make them these awesome 90 minute shirts from made. Are you tired of dressing your boy in grey, navy blue, or brown? Feel free to liven up their wardrobe with colors of your own choosing! Of course, you could also make them a navy blue, grey, or brown shirt too, but those are a dime a dozen in boy clothing land.

Okay, I'll try to be back soon with more links, if nothing else. I really am missing the chattering!

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