Words, Words, Words

I know that you think I'm going to blog about Christmas, but you're totally wrong. First off, I don't even have the pictures from Christmas processed. Second, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the idea, though I know I've got to do it.

Let's talk about talking. While some children are veritable verbal geniuses, Nathan has tended towards the non-verbal. Sure, he whines and cries and somewhat babbles, but he's not been talking much. After all, we know when he's pleased.

Awesome Baby!

And we know when he's peeved.

Progression of Crying I

He gets by the rest of the time with a few signs and some pointing. However, this last month, he's been making some real progress. From one year to eighteen months, all he's been saying has been 'go', 'wow', and the occasional 'dada' or 'momomomomom' (when in distress). However, in the last month, during this Christmas season? He's been all about trying to parrot our words. His first foray into imitating came with the word bubbles. After seeing some and falling in love with them, he asked and asked for them.

"Buh! BUH!" If you rain bubbles down on his head and say the word to him, he'll just repeat his little syllable to his heart's content.

Then came 'ba' for balloon. Luckily for his speech, our grocery store is booby-trapped with balloons all over the damned place. We come home with one about once every other month.

My Halloween Balloon

So, now our grocery trips go something like "Ba!" Then there is pointing to a grouping of balloons. "BA!" Another group of balloons pops up for him to point at.

Then the syllables came flying in. He got the word moon pretty quickly. This is not surprising considering his tendency to point to moons in his books from the early age of about ten months. He's also started to try to say his little bah and boo sounds for bottle and book.

But today, he mastered a word that I'm sure he'll get to know well. While he was throwing his toys into the tub, I repeated, "Uh-oh!" I didn't do it to try and make him speak. I did it because he was being funny. He looked at me, threw another toy in, and said, "UH-OH!" Then, another toy. We repeated what was coming together, "UH-OH!"

I'm thinking that he's going to get a lot of use out of this word!


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