Weekend Randomness #3 - Hunger

Sorry I didn't blog a random fact last weekend, but a certain toddler I know keeps deciding a nice hospital stay would be pleasant for the whole family.


As many of you know, I love food. I like to make sweets, I like the food that Paul makes me, and Nathan and I would probably run you down with his stroller for some Matter Paneer from our local Indian restaurant.

Due to these factors, and due to the fact that Paul spends a good portion of his time at home making sure that Nathan and I won't starve due to my ineptitude with savory cooking, I am rarely ever hungry. Lately, however, after looking closely at my weight on the scale, and considering some upcoming events, I decided to think about losing some weight by not eating so damned much. This has made me feel hunger for the first time in months.

Here's the weird part. I like being hungry. I find it satisfying in its own way. Paul gets super grumpy and non-talkative while he's hungry, and when I first found this out, I was stunned. I had previously assumed everyone else liked being hungry too.

Do you like being hungry too, or are you like Paul? All grump and headaches and anger?


Ms. Knitpicky said...

I HATE being hungry. I have to eat small snacks and meals every 2-3 hours or I get hellacious headaches, nausea, and moodswings. NOBODY likes me when I'm hungry.

I get the same way when I'm over full. I have to keep myself balanced or I'm miserable.

And food first thing in the morning is right out. I have to wait at least an hour before eating or BLEH. A nibble is fine. More then two bites of food and siiiick.

Helen said...

I think you know my answer to this question. At least I know Paul understands me.

mermaids said...

i have been known to pass out cold if i don't eat, and by "eat," i mean "consume food every 2 to 3 hours." protein must be eaten frequently. i would never make it as a vegetarian. i need meat.

shortly before passing out, i am a beast...raging headache, incredibly foul mood...

i always have food in my purse.